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Board Work Session

A Board work session will be held at the Barn on Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 1 P.M.  In keeping with the policy of transparency, all members of SVPOA are invited to attend.  The sole purpose of this Board work session will be to concentrate on the third and final draft of the DCCR documents; therefore, no comments from the floor will be allowed unless there is time at the end of the meeting.  This meeting is to address completion of the documents only and no other business will be conducted at this time.


There is a drop down menu under Village Information for the CAI articles I’ll be posting.   I have posted this one previously but posting it here makes it easier to find.   Enjoy


THE CITIZEN STANDARD, a weekly newspaper delivered on Thursday’s, will now be available for the convenience of our residents.

A news stand box will be placed outside of the BARN. The paper will cost 75 cents (quarters only). The citizen standard covers our local area news such as water board meetings, township meetings, and Pine Grove Borough. The paper is based out of Valley View, PA. 

Jim Morgan, SVPOA President

CAI Articles

I have been given access by our President to free CAI articles which are available to associations.    I occasionally will post an article which I think will be of interest to our members and residents.    When I do I will add a post that there’s a new article available; it will be found under Village Information/CAI.


The new SVPOA 2014 Board Members have been posted; you will find it under the top tab, Village Information, then click on the Board of Directors tab.    It also indicates when their terms expire.

Following this information you will find the listing of all the dates for board meetings for 2014.

Pancake Breakfast, January 18, 2014


Annual Meeting

The 2014 Annual Meeting took place today.   See the drop down menu for your new Board of Directors.


Just a reminder that the Annual Meeting will be on Tuesday, January 21 at the Barn, 1pm.   It is VERY important that all the members attend this meeting.   We will be voting in three new board members and the board will be voting to elect the new officers for 2014.  The doors will open at 12:30pm for you to sign in.   All absentee ballots will be counted first.

Coming Events

The calendar that is included with The Villager newsletter can now be seen on this website by placing the cursor on Village Information at the top of the page and scrolling down to Coming Events.  Click and enjoy a useful way to check activities for the month while sitting at your computer.

CAI Article

Sign Up for Free Online Newsletters

The National Gardening Association offers numerous free online newsletters to homeowners covering urban and small-space gardening, vegetable and fruit gardening, craft and cooking projects and specific gardening information by geographical region. Newsletters include feature articles, tips and resources. To sign up go to

I know, it’s only January but for some it’s time to think about the next growing season.   This is easy to sign up for, give it a try.