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 Environmental Issue:

Roberta – I would also like to voice my opinion regarding the proposed presentation by RES, it was mentioned at the last Board meeting RES was going to show us a lovely movie on projects they have done elsewhere, I for one don;t give a hoot what they have done else where, my concern and request to them was a clear presentation of their intentions for OUR area, not some Disney Fantasia of their past projects. As of yet we have absolutely no idea of their intentions. I hope our Village residents realize how very important this issue is and do make every effort to attend the meetings and become well informed.

Roberta – Thats a good point Annamarie, big business is sure not going to be keeping our best interests in mind, they are entering into ventures for their benefit, not ours so keep in mind while it may sound profitable for us, there can be hidden clauses and catches involved that could in the long run cost us dearly. Be wary of those bearing gifts.

Annamarie – f I respond to anything on this it will be in my name not the village’s opinion –  There will be a lot to question and think about and let’s remember we’re dealing with big business not a small non-profit.

Roberta – Regarding the enviornmental proposal I would like to say that I see no benefit in it at all but do see a great loss, we have precious little amenites in our Village so why do we want to start giving away what we have worked so hard for and finally can call our very own. I for one was drawn to move to Swatara Village because of the beautiful surroundings, I also purchased my specific residence because of the privacy and natural setting. I realize that not all of us share the same concept of beauty, I find beauty in the natural order of things not a planned and manufactured contrivance, Before any changes are made there should be an in depth investigation into this project or we may find in years to come many regrets for hasty action. Don’t be pushed into something.Think carefully, ask many questions and make your own decisions on this most important issue.


I have posted this on FB.   For those of you not on FB I’m also starting a conversation here on our web site.

There is so much concern, rumors etc circulating the village about the environmental issue. I would like to start a discussion here on FB. All comments and ideas are accepted BUT any attacking of anyone will be deleted. So please share your concerns or your opinion here. And if you hear a rumor do post it and ask if it’s true.