SVPOA BOD Resolutions

Resolutions (Definition)

  • A resolution, in a corporate meeting, is a written statement that is reviewed by the board prior to a board meeting. When a resolution is reached in a board meeting, it is recorded in the board’s minutes. A resolution is a legally binding decision made by the board.  Swatara Village BOD also keeps a “Resolution Book” for the Association’s records.

RESOLUTION 2017-6-22

Motion made by Treasurer/Secretary Morgan to adopt a resolution that the funds to repair Swatara Drive be taken out of the Road Reserves, seconded by Director Brown.   There were 7 ayes, this Resolution was adopted


RESOLUTION 2016-12-15.

Motion made by Director/Treasurer Morgan to adopt a resolution to open a petty cash checking account for the $1500 left in the Buildings & Grounds Budget for 2016.  The funds will be used first for the cul de sacs and then other needed grounds improvement.    Only the President and the Building & Grounds Chairperson can sign these checks.   Motion seconded by President Brown.   There were 6 ayes, motion passed

August 20, 2015 BOD MEETING

Resolution 8-20-2015

Unpaid/late fees

Motion was made by Director Bob Brown and seconded by Vice President Bonnie Brown to adopt a Resolution authorizing Attorney Jim Wallbillich, after he is notified, to send a letter to any member who’s three months in arrears on their fees.   Motion approved 5 ayes, 0 nays.

Resolution 8-20-2015 – 2

Annual Statement Nonprofit Corporation

Motion made by Bonnie Brown and seconded by Roberta Jelicks to adopt a resolution to have Attorney Wallbillich prepare the Annual Statement Nonprofit Corporation form yearly and to submit it by the April 30 deadline. Vote: 5 ayes, 0 nays.

Resolution No. 6 for 2015 – April 2015

This Resolution is to compare the old Chart of Accounts vs new Chart of Accounts, however, we will not be able to compare prior years unless we manually do this in house and it will be the responsibility of the Finance Committee to present it to the Board upon its request.

Motion made by President Brown and seconded by Vice President Ricciardi to adopt a resolution to revise the 2015 Chart of Accounts to coincide with the new Chart of Accounts and to modify the operations budget. This will not affect the $99 per month assessment.  7 ayes 0 nays. Motion approved.


Resolution #1 March 20, 2014

2014 Resolution #2 & #3

Resolution 2013

MAY 2012 RES 1

Resolution 2012 #2